Our Special Cones

We make the Cones by hand giving each Cone care and intention . We use terminated Quartz Crystal, Copper wire, Black Iron Oxide, Steel Wool, Crystal stones and crushed silicone dust as the basic ingredients.

We collect Crystal stones from the beach to make our dust. Our steel wool is broken down to the smallest particles which encourages accumulation of energies.

We collect shavings from  local Key cutters who we have gifted with our cones.

Our cones have Shungite stone added. It is said to relax and calm with protective energy due to its electric conductive properties. Consequently it is used to protect from Electromagnetic radiation from mobiles, microwaves, computers and the like. It can also be used to purify water.

I am sleeping so well since I received my cone. After a long period of sleepless nights and bad dreams, thank you.

Deborah Addams

local friend

About Us


Cone Maker

We have been enjoying the energy and health benefits of our cones for some time.  So much so we made them for friends and family. The feedback from people was amazing.

We also ran many tests to find ways of demonstrating the energy the cones give. One very good visual test is to put a glass of water, above the cone, in the freezer. You see rings of energy and structured water radiating from the cone like ripples when you drop a stone in water. 


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